Kanban System

Why Kanban is Best for Your Project

Kanban greatly helps with projects as they allow teams to prioritize tasks that are more crucial for the results or milestones.

Clients often just want things done as quickly as possible. They may give the projects to freelancers that promise to deliver the product in time, but there could be a compromise in the quality of the project.

Traditional businesses are also set up with just one thing in mind: sales. They often rush the product or service without any regard to quality. In the end, the customers suffer. They may lose users and get a bad reputation in the industry.

Why Kanban?

Kanban assists teams in determining which areas of the project need more attention. It also essentially helps in finding out the bottlenecks to prevent the slowdown of the project’s progress.

Software developers commonly use Kanban, but it can also be applied for other industries as well. In fact, car manufacturing giant Toyota is famous for utilizing the system for their production lines.

For business owners, it may not be easy to adopt the system especially if the employees are not familiar with the system. Most startups already implement the Kanban framework, but they do lack manpower for scaling up.

Outsourcing and the Kanban Framework

Outsourcing companies now train their offshore teams to be familiar with the Kanban framework to make them more efficient workers for the clients. Businesses will gain more benefits in outsourcing teams that are familiar with the kanban system.

For instance, outsourced web development will be easier since they will be using Kanban for the project. Even human resource teams can use Kanban to prioritize critical tasks for the employees.

Once the bottlenecks are determined, outsourced teams can then move quickly to alleviate them and get the project rolling faster. The client will get more value for their money while the teams will avoid wasting time on less important tasks.

Clear Benefits of Outsourcing and Kanban

The most obvious benefit is that the client will get more work done for their money. Since all of the tasks and milestones will be streamlined, there is less time wasted for the teams.

There are still some outsourcing companies out there that do not implement the kanban framework for their projects. They simply want to get more clients to sign up for more income.

Another benefit of the kanban system with outsourcing teams is that the project can be done faster than expected. With a streamlined process, all of the tasks can be finished quicker with minimal delays.

In addition, outsourced teams with experience in Kanban are more prepared for any setbacks that may happen. For instance, they can still work around a bug that may potentially break the product before release. They have contingency plans in place so that the project will keep on moving.

Kanban maximizes the productivity for all of the teams. The tasks will be laid out for them after determining the priorities, which means that they do not have to to guesswork anymore.

They clearly know what to do first and what to do next. Their work is practically cut out for them. With that in mind, outsourced teams will be able to achieve more milestones in no time.

Outsourced teams are also trained to use Kanban tools that plot out the responsibilities. It can be done manually, but Kanban software makes it possible to do things faster.

There is continuous delivery for the milestones and reduced downtime without having the whole team burned out from exhaustion and work fatigue. Everything will be kept running by Kanban so that there is little to no delays in the production.

Even customer support teams can make use of Kanban to ensure that everyone on the team is contributing well. They can tally which area needs more support.

Flexibility is also something that the Kanban system provides for projects. There is no set phase of productions as the team continuously analyzes which needs to be finished first depending on the urgency.

For instance, a software development project may depend on which features are currently needed or demanded by the public. If there are bugs found during the release, they are immediately prioritized to prevent further damage for the product.

Clients will benefit from finding outsourcing companies that do apply Kanban with their outsourcing teams.

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