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Why You Should Outsource Link Building

Search engine optimization takes time and effort especially in the link building part. Fortunately, there are now companies offering services where you can outsource link building efforts.

Why Link Building?

At its core, SEO is usually split into two parts: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO refers to the technical and internal side of a website. These can include how the site is structured, internal linking, silos, error checking, and more.

Most of the time, on-page SEO is the first thing that specialists tackle since the work can easily be cut out for them. After an exhaustive full-site audit, SEO specialists will just have to work on the list of tasks for the website itself. On-page SEO is done so that the page does “look” better for search engines and for users as well.

Off-page SEO on the other hand refers to link building. Hyperlinks (also called backlinks or simply links) that are pointed towards a client’s website adds up to its credibility and ranking on search engine sites.

Arguably, link building may be the hardest part of SEO itself. While on-page SEO depends on technicalities of the technology, off-page SEO requires public relations and some social engineering.

Without links to a website, it may not rank well on search engine sites no matter how good the content is. This does not mean that a site can thrive on links alone. Admittedly, some do coast on the power of links. However, they do not stay at the top ranks forever since they do not really provide substantial content for users.

How to Build Links

One of the safest ways to build links is to attract them naturally by creating high-quality content. This means writing a useful and linkable article so that other outlets, blogs, and sites will be attracted to using it as a resource for their own readers.

For instance, a guide on setting up a software could be written by a blogger with deep knowledge on the topic. Other sites could then use that article as a reference inside another article to help out their own users.

Another common tactic related to creating content is to approach other sites and have them link to the page. There is no force or pressure implied in communications. The SEO specialist and/or blogger can simply send an email to a site of their choice asking the webmaster to check out their post and detail how it might be useful for their users. Once they realize the value of the article, the webmaster or site owner might automatically link to the content.

Why Outsource Link Building?

All of the tasks involved in link building takes a lot of time and effort to pull of graciously. Even the seasoned SEO experts cannot take a shortcut in link building.

If the client does have budget for SEO specialists, then link building using internal resources might be possible. It will still take time.

Outsourcing link building will take the load off of web developers and SEO specialists from the core team. Since on-page and off-page SEO can be done separately and simultaneously,

Internal team members can focus on on-page SEO tasks, while the outsourced team can work on link building. The outsourced team does not really need to know the nitty gritty of the  on-page status of the site. They just need to identify which posts or articles can be used for reaching out to the other sites.

Another added benefit of outsourcing link building is that the client will be able to double or triple the efforts. They can have more than two teams doing link building to amplify the efforts and possibly the results at the end of each campaign.

Clients do need to know the dangers of outsourcing link building to unknown companies. Some companies and agencies just apply blackhat SEO link building tactics for quicker results. It may show better rankings immediately, but that can be quickly swatted away by Google or any other search engines because of the unethical means used.

Before choosing to outsource link building, the client must first identify a reliable outsourcing company that uses only whitehat SEO link building techniques. They must be guaranteed that their site will not be slapped by penalties that can harm the organic search traffic stats.

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