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Why Outsourcing to the Philippines is Better

Outsourcing to the Philippines is becoming a popular options for businesses that want extra manpower and specialists for their services.

Why Outsource Filipinos?

In general, outsourcing helps by being an affordable solution for businesses around the world. The most common and obvious benefit is being cost-effective for every outsourced service. However, there are more benefits especially for outsourcing to the Philippines.

Less Expensive

Compared to other countries outside Asia, outsourcing from the Philippines is incredibly less expensive in costs. Outsourcing is already cheap, but the Philippines does provide offshore teams that cost even less even if they deliver the same, if not higher, quality of service compared to others.

Part of the reason for for the reasonably more affordable costs for outsourcing is the relatively low cost of living for the workers based in the Philippines. The market is also competitive which means that the outsourced workers are paid well.

Skilled Workers

Filipinos are skilled in many industries whose services are often outsourced. For instance, many Filipinos are adept at programming jobs. There is a broad spectrum of developers that know the various programming languages by heart such as C#, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Java, Swift, and more.

Another prominent outsourced service in the Philippines is customer support. There are already hundreds, if not thousands, of call and contact centres in the country. They house customer support agents that handle a wide variety of roles such as inbound, outbound, technical support, and more. It is actually one of the most popular outsourced services in the country.

Excellent Grasp of English

In the Philippines, English is taught early on to children. This is why both graduates and undergraduates know how to use the English well for both their professional and personal lives. It is also one of the reasons why there is a thriving outsourced customer support industry in the country.

Businesses that want the highly-skilled customer support teams, or simply those who can communicate well with clients, would want to outsource to the Philippines. There are a plethora of Filipino call centre agents and technical writers ready for outsourcing.

Familiar with Kanban Methodologies

Outsourcing to the Philippines means that clients will have remote teams familiar with Kanban methodologies. This means that outsourcing teams will be familiar in using Agile methodologies and Scrum planning methods.

Why is Kanban crucial to a business? Without a proper methodology, workload can easily pileup. Kanban methodologies allow teams to effectively manage their time and tasks so that they deliver the best possible results.

Scrum and Agile are mostly used for software development projects, but they can also be utilized for any kind of work project. It effectively allows teams to prioritize tasks that are more urgent than the others.

With outsourcing teams familiar with such methodologies, clients can expect that their projects will be done efficiently.

Determined to Succeed

Filipino workers are determined to deliver great results. It is also one of the reasons why the outsourcing industry in the Philippines still continue to thrive even in the face of competition.

Besides being hospitable and polite to clients, Filipino outsourced teams will make sure that they do deliver what they promised, and more. Projects will not just be completed on time, they will also be made with excellence.

Backed by Government

The Philippine government supports the booming outsourcing industry in the country. This is because the said industry does provide a huge amount of revenue for Filipinos. The World Bank estimates that outsourcing can generate up to $55 billion by 2020.

With continued support from the government, more outsourcing companies are incentivised to hire more Filipino workers. The added supply will ensure that the demand for staff augmentation and outsourcing will be met.

Overall Cost-Competitive and Cost-Effective

In the end, the major benefit of outsourcing to the Philippines is that it is cost-competitive and cost-effective. The costs are driven by both the demand and the competition abroad. While other outsourcing companies might drive down the price to get more clients, it does not guarantee that clients will be getting the better end of the deal in terms of service.

Outsourcing to the Philippines continues to be a proven method of driving down costs while still getting the high-quality service clients want.

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