keep an effective inbound customer service team

How to Keep an Effective Inbound Customer Service Team

Inbound customer service is something that can make or break a business. It can help businesses retain and get new customers.

Why is Inbound Customer Service Important?

Most businesses fail to address one important thing in their line of work: customer service. Sure, they may have a spectacular product. However, they can lose customers if they fail to answer queries and assist them.

Customers may ask questions about how to use a product or if they do not understand something about the service. Even if there is a FAQ page on a business’s website, some people do not really read the documentation.

Other may ask for assistance if they encounter bugs or problems with the project. Failure to assist customers may just lead to negative brand recall since they will remember that your business does not help their loyal users.

Inbound customer service is also a way to find out what your customers think about the product. All of the complaints and suggestions can be recorded and analyzed by the business owner later on.

What’s the Difference Between Inbound and Outbound?

Inbound customer service refers to the assistance for users who approach the business itself. For instance, a customer might ask about the price of a service online. The model is customer approaches the business’s support teams.

Outbound customer service refers to support teams making cold calls and emails to leads. They mainly focus on acquiring new customers for the business. They are part of the outbound marketing team along with content managers.

Both are integral in retaining and acquiring new customers for businesses. Inbound works by helping customers understand the product more or assist them in their problems. Outbound helps pull more new customers in to grow the brand even more.

Directly hiring can be expensive. Hiring for both teams can make the costs grow even more. Outsourcing will help reduce the costs and keep the machine going.

With that out of the way, what are the tips for having a kick-ass inbound customer service team?

Proper Communication

All offshore teams need open lines of communication. Since they will not be working at the client’s office space, they will have to constantly communicate to give status updates and reports.

Clients will always want to know how a project is doing to see if their investment is indeed worth it. Regular reports should be given to clients as well.


Outsourcing teams usually have their own trainings for contact centre agents. However, clients may have their own internal process trainings so that all protocols will be observed by offshore teams.

All details about the product or service should also be given to the outsourced team. They should be well-briefed about all of the possible questions that customers may ask. Even with a FAQ page, customers will still call or send an email to address their concerns.

Knowledge about the product will keep inbound customer service teams on the top of their game. Without the information they need, all they can do is to note down customer concerns instead of helping them.

Keep Everything Positive

Key performance indicators for inbound customer service projects can be quite daunting if the minimum or goals are not met. However, clients still need to consider that new projects may take time to show some results.

Respect should be given to outsourced teams. They are the ones that take calls on behalf of the client’s products. They answer the countless emails that are sent in everyday. Without an inbound customer service team, customers may leave the product or service for the competitor’s.

Being positive can also be a big help in raising the morale of the offshore team. Clients do need to be careful as not to be overly positive since it can also negatively affect the performance.

Be Firm

Clients should still be firm with their milestones and expectations. If they see that there is a problem with the metrics, it should be raised immediately with proper decorum and attitude.

Inbound customer service outsourcing companies will take action and adjust their teams accordingly. Their goal is to provide more value to companies that acquire of their services regardless of whether they are a startup or a large business.

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