HR Outsourcing Companies

How HR Outsourcing Companies Can Help

Human resources outsourcing companies offer a huge help for businesses that have a plethora of HR tasks that needs taking care of.

Directly hiring more HR people is a solution, but it is not always the best one. It can be costly. In addition, it puts more workload to the core team since they will have to do the candidate research and interviews.

Why Outsource HR Tasks?

Besides being inexpensive and efficient, outsourcing also allows startups to be flexible. Some do not have a full HR team yet and direct hiring may not be an affordable option.

Instead of having to go through all the trouble of the hiring process, startups can just outsource the HR tasks. They do not take up office space and other resources. Electricity costs will not climb up since the outsourced team will most likely work from home or from a contact centre.

For larger companies, outsourcing HR tasks can be a way of speeding up the process without having to spend too much. Their in-house HR team might already be overloaded with work which makes outsourcing an attractive option.

What Tasks Can Be Outsourced?

Some of the most popular outsourced tasks for HR outsourcing companies include background checks, drug screening, payroll, benefits automation, handbook creation and modification, coaching and more.

Background check is pretty much self-explanatory. Even before hiring any employee, a thorough background check must be conducted. This is to avoid any legal mishaps and to see if the candidate is indeed worth his or her asking price. Doing checks can be time-consuming which is why it is one of the most outsourced HR tasks out there.

Payroll is another common outsourced task. Since not all employees may have the exact same amount for salaries or compensation, it can be hard to keep track of them accurately. HR outsourcing companies can take care of all the data and records so that the client can just sit back and relax.

Benefits automation is a fairly new addition to HR tasks. Some benefit costs can change from time to time which makes automation an attractive solution. HR outsourcing companies offers this kind of service for both small and large  companies that want to take advantage of automation.

Handbook creation and modification is also a dire need for all companies. Startups might not have the time to draft a fair handbook for employees. It is important that each company has an employee handbook so that they may abide by the rules. It also protects both the company and employees from legal complications later on that may arise from unethical actions.

Coaching and training can also be outsourced. Internal processes and methods can sometimes be overwhelming to explain to each individual employee. HR outsourcing companies can take on that role so that they can organize a training session for everyone. In addition, they can also coach employees to increase productivity and morale in the office.

Other trainings can also be outsourced such as sexual harassment training. This is incredibly important for all companies since it protects everyone form unwanted advances. Some industry-specific trainings can also be introduced by the outsourced HR staff as they can research what is needed to increase the skillset of the employees.

Relocation is an uncommon HR task, but it is still important that companies have someone taking care of the process. An office might be too expensive and an alternative workplace might be needed. HR outsourcing companies can do the office space hunting while still keeping the in-house teams doing what they need to do for clients or for their products.

Where to Find HR Outsourcing Companies?

Almost everything can be found in just a few keystrokes and clicks. There are thousands of HR outsourcing companies on the internet and they can be found through search engines and even social media.

Personal experience with such companies can be the best way to find out whether they are worth it or not. Clients can have colleagues that already have been involved with HR outsourcing companies. They can be asked for recommendations and tips on how to outsource HR tasks properly.

Proper research is still needed before jumping in with HR outsourcing companies around the world.

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