Outsource Call Centres the Right Way

How to Find the Best Outsourced Call Centre

Startups and large companies often outsource call centres because they want to have better customer support. The option has been widely popular in the past few years because of its straightforward approach.

What is a Call Centre?

Call centres, or sometimes called as contact centres, house tens or hundreds of customer support representatives that assist a business’s customers. Outsourcing companies often build them because they are investments that will help them net more clients for their outsourced customer support.

Companies that do not want to spend resources and time in building call centres often just outsource because it is less expensive and the results are faster. They do not have to wait for the construction of the call centre itself nor do they have to seek out talents to hire for the customer support teams.

Call centres are not exclusive to agents that just have to call. There are also teams that focus on email support.

Besides the advantage of not having to spend on the construction, call centres are also quickly help a business’s reputation because of the instant customer support. Once all the contracts and trainings have been settled, customers will be properly assisted through emails and calls.

One reason why call centre outsourcing is a booming industry is because most businesses do not have the resources nor the time to build their own support teams in-house. For in-house, a client may need to find out potential candidates for the customer support team. They will need to conduct separate interviews and spend even more resources for onboarding.

What does a client need to do to outsource call centres?

Determine the Needs

The most common type of customer support is inbound which means assisting customers that call or send an email. Inbound customer support is usually the most crucial since they help keep the client’s customers. Without inbound customer support, customers that are having problems with the product or service will most likely leave. They may even give negative feedback online which can ruin a brand’s reputation.

Outbound customer support involves teams having to make cold calls and emails to entice leads into becoming the brand’s customers. They are then assisted into signing up or purchasing a product. Outbound customer support is usually prioritized by brands who want to gain more customers in a shorter time.

Both inbound and outbound customer support can also co-exist at the same time. It can obviously be more expensive, but the brand will get to keep and gain new customers simultaneously. The client needs to determine what they really need if their budget is tight.

Look for a Good Outsourcing Company

It is easy to find outsourcing companies today. They show up in search engine results and through social media as well.

There are thousands of outsourcing companies that offer their services online. All it takes is a simple click and an email. However, due diligence is required if a client wants to find the best possible call centre outsourcing company fit for their needs.

The client should look for a reputable outsourcing company that has a proven track record for delivering excellent results. Some companies show their portfolios and previous clients on their websites. This can give the client an idea of what results they can expect from outsourcing a call centre.

Evaluation of Prices

Evaluating the price of call centre outsourcing should also be considered very carefully. Cheaper does not always mean better.

In fact, cheaper prices can mean that the client will not be getting the best service there is. Some call centre outsourcing services may be costlier than the others, but they can be worth more in the end. Clients should always check the portfolio and online presence before agreeing to a price.

Negotiation is always an option. Clients can try to negotiate the prices to bring it down before signing a contract.

After all terms have been agreed upon, the client can then sign the contract for outsourcing a call centre. Trainings and onboarding processes can then start immediately.

Even after the project has been started, clients should always see to it that their requirements are being met. Communication is a big part of any outsourcing project no matter the scale.

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