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4 Crucial Factors to Remember with Call Center Outsourcing

It’s been an established fact that outsourcing has played a crucial role in the growth of companies. Call centers, in particular, have acquired a relatively large amount of success. Because well-managed call centers are a vital component of most customer retention strategies, they are without a shadow of a doubt, more of a requirement than a need.

By constantly providing 100% customer satisfaction and reaching out through clients, businesses are able to last longer and make more opportunities. They get to keep their most of the members of their client base, thereby allowing them to spend less in the acquisition of leads and other potential customers.

Considering the overwhelming success that outsourced call centers have brought, it’s definitely no easy task to start one. Aside from establishing which requirement you’re comfortable outsourcing, you need to figure out a good Quality Assurance system that makes sure that your offshore team is hitting its targets.

In a nutshell, it’s not a walk in the park.

So what exactly does it take to establish a reliable call center overseas? Here are 4 main points you definitely need to consider when establishing one for your business.

Your Requirements

As discussed before, it’s important to determine your requirements and scope of work. You also have to determine if you’re comfortable or confident in outsourcing these particular requirements. Doubts about having an offshore team handle your customer service might eventually jeopardize your already existing operations and make you resort to more expensive options.

Once you’re comfortable and have mapped out which aspects of your call center you want to outsource, it’s time to move forward and look at the market for competent providers. See if they have any packages or offers that fit perfectly with your requirements and if it does, put them on your priority short list.

Do Your Homework

After establishing your business requirements for call centers and having short-listed competent providers that meet them, it’s time to do your homework. You need to sort out the best for your business because a failure in the provider’s part will cost your business not only money and time but also a hard-earned good reputation.

First is to look at what people and companies are saying about the provider. You can do this through sites like Glassdoor and others that give you both a customer’s perspective and an employee’s perspective of what the company is like. Note that an employee’s opinion matters because they’re the lifeblood of the company and if they’re not happy in it, there’s a good chance they won’t be as efficient as one would expect.

Quality Assurance

It’s been established that quality assurance can spell the difference between an outsourcing success and an offshore call center disaster. If left unchecked (or checked inefficiently), call centers might make promises to your clients that you can’t keep or, alternatively, distribute the wrong private information to the wrong people. While a reliable system and process should resolve this, having a quality assurance team enforces it.

Make sure to consult quality assurance experts in setting up a QA system and in selecting QA officers. It’s imperative that you’re QA goal is set to providing 100% customer satisfaction, otherwise, having an offshore call center might not bring you the results you desire in terms of customer retention or having a good customer service reputation.

Where You’re Outsourcing

When choosing your provider, it’s equally important to find out which country you’d outsource to. In line with that, you have to determine which of those options clashes or jives well with your company’s mission and vision, and which culture best fits a customer service-oriented environment.

What’s your call center outsourcing story? Do you have any facts and figures you’d like to share? What other items would you add in this list? Share and discuss your stories and thoughts in the comments section below. We happily welcome your feedback as well!

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