IT Services Outsourcing

What Makes IT Services Outsourcing Great

Information technology services outsourcing has really taken off ever since smartphones and personal computers got cheaper. There is now more demand for consumption and this is where apps and content come in.

With the increase in demand, there is also a dire need for a spike in the supply. This is where the IT services outsourcing solution comes in.

Companies can churn out more content, but they do need more manpower to do so. The core team can only do so much at a time. Directly hiring new employees can cost too much and is not a practical investment considering that not every product can be a hit.

Why Outsource IT Services?

Traditionally, IT costs are fixed. It can be expensive even if the tasks are just minimal and not really time consuming. With outsourcing, the costs can be variable and flexible

Outsourcing also eliminates the cost of training a new staff since the team will already know the ropes. There is also a chance that they will be experts at their field, even if they are from across the globe.

Most IT outsourcing teams are also more than qualified and certified to perform the tasks. Clients will be able to get them at a fraction of the cost of hiring them directly.

Overall, IT services outsourcing make things more efficient. It helps the project move a lot faster while getting a lot done.

Common IT Services for Outsourcing

  • Web development
  • Network engineering
  • Penetration testing
  • IT support
  • Database management
  • Mobile app development
  • Desktop software development
  • Quality Analysis
  • Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Server management

Considering that IT services outsourcing is indeed beneficial, what should a client look out for to get the best possible result?

Clear Communication

Open communication lines should be a standard for every outsourcing service out there. Clients need constant updates from offshore teams which means that they should have clear communication with each other.

Emails, SMS, and other apps for communication should always be open. The outsourced team should be able to answer immediately with the proper information, if requested.

Qualified Talent

Developers that work for outsourcing companies have proved themselves through certifications or portfolios.Even if the IT services are being outsourced, the client should be able to ask if the team handling their project is qualified to do so.

The pool of talent for outsourcing companies is huge to say the least. They can get international IT experts since working offshore is definitely a viable option. All they need is a fast internet connection with a fully-functional desktop or laptop system.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Even if developers have specializations, they still need to know the fundamentals of software development itself. While they cannot be experts on all programming languages, they should still be able to understand concepts and help with other tasks in the project.

With the flexibility for IT services outsourcing, projects can make use of fewer team members. This also equates to a cheaper cost overall. The efficiency also adds up to the speed of the project’s completion and shorter development time.

The outsourcing team should also be able to adapt to new technology whenever possible. There are a lot of continuous updates for platforms and programming languages that developers need to take note of. Outsourcing companies should make sure that their teams are always up to date with technology.

Increased Focus

Since the outsourced IT team will be taking care of their own tasks, the core team will be able to focus more on their own. More items will be covered with greater attention which leads to a better product in the end.


Great IT service outsourcing services do not just follow orders and do tasks like robots do. The team should be able to take initiative in making the project better.

If there is a new technology or method that can be used to improve the project, the team should not hesitate to suggest it to the manager or client.

Agile Ready

All members of the outsourcing team should be familiar with the agile project management methods. The methodology helps provide a streamlined development process for software projects.

The weekly sprints should be included in the reports for the client to see. Project milestones can be broken down into smaller tasks thanks to Agile.

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