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Why Customer Service Quality Makes All the Difference: 6 Reasons

Most businesses tend to overlook their customer service quality which can be an unseen advantage over their competitors in any industry. It is something that should not be neglected if a business wants to retain their customers.

Good Customer Service Retains Customers

Obviously, customer service is there mainly to keep customers happy at all costs. The customer experience does not stop after the initial purchase of a product or subscription to a service.

Customer service also does not start after the purchase. It can begin when a customer interacts with a store employee or an online representative that is looking to get more sales for the day. One good example is when a customer uses a website’s live chat function to ask questions about a product or if they shoot emails to inquire about a service.

Answering the emails and questions properly and with excellent attitude will give the customers an overall happy experience with your business. Some people also tend to have more questions after they purchase a product. This could make or break their decision to buy or subscribe to your business in the near future should they have the need or demand for it again.

Good Customer Service Brings in More Customers

As mentioned above, the customer service experience does not begin after purchasing a product. Some potential customers might want to learn more about a product or a service before pulling the trigger. This is where creative pitching might stand out.

You can convert leads into bona fide customers with exceptional customer service quality. Some may enter your website unconvinced, but they can also leave as a new customer.

Another side benefit of this is that your new customers might even end up being your very own brand advocates because of outstanding customer service. Word can spread that your business knows how to take care of customers well and that in itself can bring on new customers. It leads to the next main reason which is:

Good Customer Service Gives Great Referrals

Since your business will be known for marvelous customer service, people will most likely associate that with a great experience as well. Some businesses thrive on great customer experiences.

Having face time or calls with customers will also increase the likelihood of getting new referrals and customers in the long run. Businesses that talk to their customers not only through advertisements and marketing gimmicks are seen as more human and, therefore, more appealing to the general public.

It may also net you business partners or even investors if there is enough buzz and results. The more clients that talk about how great your product or service is, the more potential customers will flock to your proverbial gates.

Good Customer Service Improves Morale

Little do people know that great customer service also affects the team behind the scenes and how they improve morale. If the customers are more than satisfied with their overall experience, they tend to leave reviews and testimonials either on the company website or social media outlets.

In turn, these positive mentions will improve team member’s morale regardless of whether they are outsourced or not. They will know that their efforts are being appreciated by customers. This usually leads to the next item:

Good Customer Service Increases Profitability

Every time that a customer is satisfied, there is a higher chance that they can become a repeat customer. The next time they plan to acquire your product, they might try to buy more.

Some may even entice others to buy your products as well. For services, they can get you referrals which can ultimately lead to more profits in the long run.

Good Customer Service Gives Competitive Advantage

Some businesses may flourish because of their marketing stunts and such. However, they may lose out on a lot of potential customers down the road if they lack good customer service quality.

Businesses can expand even more through proper customer service interactions. If customers have a great experience, they are more likely to return and/or spread the word on how great your company is. That will be your advantage.

People also like businesses that respond to queries instead of large corporations who do not seem to have a human face. Exceptional customer service is also not that expensive to acquire or maintain. They can easily be outsourced or staff can be augmented with remote workers for a less expensive approach.

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