Customer Service Outsourcing

5 Misconceptions About Customer Service Outsourcing

It is easy to outsource customer service, but not everyone is doing it because there are still misconceptions and myths circulating that create fear. What are these common misnomers about the affordable and reliable service?

Why Outsource Customer Service?

First, why should a client outsource customer service? One of the most obvious reasons is that it is less expensive than having to setup a team, equipment, and an office for the department.

Directly hiring a whole team can be quite cumbersome and expensive. Not every client can just spend cash and buy a whole office complete with equipment. It takes a long time to construct offices and to train the newly hired customer service agents.

Outsourcing customer service gives the client the option to spend less while getting more representatives for their business. Most of the time, the cost of one employee can be used to outsource a whole team.

Flexibility is another benefit in outsourcing any kind of service. The client can opt to outsource more people or to lessen the them depending on the demand. With in-house employees, a client cannot simply lay off an employee or find new ones in a quick and effective manner.

Outsourcing has also proven to be effective in saving money and getting more out of a client’s business. The industry itself would not have boomed in the last several years if that was not the case.

Importance of Customer Service

How important is customer service for a business? For one, it keeps the business from losing its customers in the first place. Without a proper support system for the product or service the business provides, customers may soon find competitors since the brand they chose does not seem to care about them.

Positive customer care experiences also encourage them to share the brand with their colleagues and families. Essentially, the customers themselves could become the business’s brand advocates. Customer service helps maintain a positive image for the brand and the business itself.

With the basic information out of the way, what are the myths that surround customer service outsourcing?

Myth 1: Bad Quality Because of Cheap Costs

Since outsourcing customer service is considerably less expensive than direct hiring, others see it as a low-quality alternative. This simply is not true. Years of outsourcing has proven that the alternative can sometimes even do better than the traditional setup. The costs are cheap because the outsource workers do not have to take up that much resources in the business’s office.

Myth 2: Language Barriers

Some clients are afraid that outsourcing customer service from the other side of the planet may bring about some problems in terms of communication. The countries with the most business process outsourcing centers are not located in Western hemisphere. In fact, they are found in the East. The Philippines and India are two of the most rich in outsourcing contracts simply because the costs are affordable and the natives speak English very well.

Myth 3: No Control

Since outsourcing customer service means that the employees will not be present in the client’s office, there is a myth that they do not really have control over the project. This is also not true since the client will have all of the rights to handle their own project including the outsourced teams. They simply have to communicate with the outsourcing company regarding their intentions on what to do.

Myth 4: Clients Need to Outsource Whole Call Centers

Outsourcing companies are flexible enough to give clients how many they need in customer service agents. They do not require companies to outsource their whole call center for their business. In fact, having to outsource only groups of people is good for the outsourcing company since they will be getting the premium from different companies. Clients can choose to outsource only a few people to test out if it improves their customer service or not. They can just add more to the contract if they like the performance of the agents and representatives.

Myth 5: Outsourcing is Costlier Down the Road

One of the most absurd myths is that outsourcing customer service does not really open up the company to savings in the long run. The myth is based on the notion that the client does not really “own” the call centers and will essentially be burning cash. The value of the outsourced customer service and the savings will always beat the odds.

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