Filipino Outsourcing

Filipino Outsourcing and Why You Should Choose Them

Outsourcing has been around for several years and it has not slowed down. In the Philippines, the business process outsourcing industry has become one of the biggest revenue generators in the country.

The Philippines and BPO

In the past, the widely-known BPO service in the Philippines was customer support. Even know there are hundreds of buildings and offices dedicated to be call centres despite the increase in demand for other outsourcing services.

Filipinos are taught English early on in their lives. Starting from preschool, English is already taught as one of the prerequisites. This continues on until college and the language is also preferred for the professional industry. English is being taught as the second language for the Philippines. There is also a huge consumption of western pop culture which also adds up to their handling of the English language.

The firm grasp in the english language is one of the reasons why Filipinos excel at customer support. No matter what multinational company they represent, they will be able to talk to customers in the english language.

Another widely outsourced service in the Philippines is copywriting. Filipinos do not excel only in verbal skills, but also in writing skills. There are a lot of Filipino ghost writers that outsource their service to international clients. There are also a lot of content writers that are outsourced for websites and such. Filipino outsourcing even sometimes extends to ghostwriting for ebooks and other long guides that are sold on the Internet.

Filipino outsourcing are handled mostly by the younger demographic. This means that Filipinos in the BPO industry have the advantage of growing up with technology, which is something that the previous generations may have trouble with. Why is this an advantage? They can easily adapt to learning new information technology trends that are increasingly becoming more important in businesses.

For instance, IT support outsourcing is also another widely popular service in the Philippines. They are also part of the contact centres that are spread throughout the country. Filipino IT support outsourcing can help customers of international companies through assisting them in their technical problems.

Besides support roles, there are also talented Filipinos in the tech industry. Other services that can be outsourced from the Philippines include website design and development, search engine optimization, quality assurance, software development, and many more.

A client that wants to have some sort of IT work done for their company may want to outsource it instead. This is because outsourcing is generally more affordable than having to hire new employees that will work full-time for the project. The problem with hiring is that the project may just be a one-time thing and a full-time job may not be applicable for some.

Filipino outsourcing also has the Data Privacy Act of 2012 which protects all clients from  intrusions on their information. This, in itself, is a huge benefit for companies that outsource IT services. All of the company and the customers’ data are kept safe. Any intrusion from any third-party entity can be grounds for a lawsuit.

Most IT services require sensitive handling of customer and company data. For instance, IT support teams need to know the ins and outs of a company software so that they will be able to successfully help customers and employees. The information of each case itself should also be kept private to protect both parties.

Filipino outsourcing is generally cheaper than neighboring countries. One reason is that the standard of living in the country is also more affordable. The developing country does not have ridiculously expensive prices. Because of this, their rates are also considerably more affordable than the rest. This is without sacrificing the quality of the service that they provide.

If the client is from another part of the world, outsourcing from the Philippines might do them good since their timelines are not the same. This means that while they are sleeping, filipino outsourcers can take care of customers that are still calling and sending inquiries. Clients now have the advantage of 24/7 customer support or project development so that they do not slow down and finish their project requirements immediately. It is an affordable and effective solution for all sorts of projects.

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