5 Benefits of Outsourced Call Centres

5 Advantages of Outsourcing Call Centres

Building a call centre costs too much in terms of resources and time which is why most companies just opt for outsourcing them.

Why are Call Centres Expensive?

Call centres cost a lot too construct and maintain. There are a lot of permits a client needs to secure before they can even start construction.

The land alone can easily drive up the total costs. Clients will also need a contractor to do the construction job.

Others can just lease a building so that they can start immediately and not wait anymore for the construction. However, there are still a plethora of fees needed.

For one, clients will need to buy call centre equipment. There is also the issue of testing the equipment first and finding replacement should any of them fail.

Another challenge is finding the right people to run the customer support teams. It can be costly to directly hire teams since clients will need to interview and vet them individually. They will also need to train them for the call centre.

One more challenge for a business owning a call centre is the maintenance. Electricity and Internet bills are just some of the examples.

So, why are outsourced call centres better?

1 Overall Cheaper Costs

When a business outsources call centre services, they do not have to worry about all the aforementioned costs. No need for permits, monthly electricity bills, and other added costs. Clients just need to pay for the project’s costs for the outsourced call centre.

With no added monthly bills, the client will save more money while still having a reliable service for customer support. The savings can be directed to other business plans which can easily help the client’s company grow even more.

The client won’t have to worry about who to hire too. This is because the outsourcing company will be the ones providing their own agents plus the training. Basically, the client will just have to pay upfront to acquire of the services.

2 Experienced Call Centre Agents

Since the client won’t be doing any of the hiring and any other arduous trainings for the customer support teams, the outsourcing company will be taking care of that. They will hire experienced call centre agents which means that the client will be getting excellent service for their money.

Outsourcing companies regularly conduct training for their call centre agents to ensure that they are updated with the latest processes. The client does not need to worry about the trainings since they will be getting the outsourced customer support teams trained and ready to go.

3 Call Centres with Kanban

Besides the added experience and the trainings, outsourced call centres also often have customer support teams that are familiar with the Kanban methodologies. They have better workflows that are optimized to bring clients the best possible results.

One advantage of having call centre teams trained with Kanban is that they often have reduced average time for calls. They will have a higher rate for converting leads to customers and they often assist more customers with technical concerns and such.

4 No Space Used

Since the call centre agents will be outsourced, they won’t be using any office space and internet bandwidth. This means that a client’s office will be less crowded, but they will still have an active customer support team ready to answer calls and emails.

5 Better Customer Service

The bottomline of having an outsourced call centre is that the client will have better customer service. All of their customers and users will be assisted quickly.

Without proper customer support teams, a brand can lose customers fast. If the brand is seen as not caring about their customers, it can also do damage for their reputation.

In addition, there will be more leads for businesses that have outsourced call centres. They will be able to reach more people through cold emails and calls. In the end, they will be making more sales compared to when they did not have a proper support and outbound marketing team.

Outsourcing call centres is cheaper than having to build one. It gives business better support teams without breaking the bank for the business owner or client themselves.

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