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4 Reasons You Should Outsource Customer Support To The Philippines

For years, outsourcing customer support has been a relatively reliable way for businesses provide stellar customer experience for its clients. It’s also managed to have helped influence some countries’ economic growth and somewhat made them experts in the field from a global stand-point. Countries like India, Poland and the Philippines are currently the most popular countries that businesses tend to outsource customer support to.

However, with more and more outsourcing providers appearing worldwide, it gets tougher and tougher to select which country to outsource to. While it’s true that your business’ success will ultimately depend on which provider you choose, its work-ethic and attitude, it also helps if its culture and current standing in the market jive with yours and can effectively help your goals.

Below are 4 things you need to consider when you’re looking into outsourcing customer support and why the Philippines might potentially be the best option for you.

Stellar Communication Skills

Anything that your customer support provider says on your behalf is under YOUR jurisdiction so should a misunderstanding happen, it’s also your own fault. Of course, that leads to bad customer experience which also eventually leads to bad business.

Since good customer support’s backbone lies in a provider’s communication skills, it’s critical to know if your outsourcer can provide such. You can often detect if a provider is great at this at first contact – if email and phone communications are clear (in terms of conversation), that’s a good sign. But if in the get-go, things get a little hazy and there is some confusion, it might be best for you to find other alternatives.

Why is the Philippines a good bet for stellar communication skills? Besides having a strong education system in place, the Philippines’ is diverse in terms of language and culture. With English as a secondary language (Filipino being the primary one), you can be sure that working with any outsourcing provider from this region would be convenient and good for business

Strong Educational System

Speaking of stellar communication skills, such wouldn’t be possible without a strong educational system. But being able to make representatives talk to clients in a brief and efficient manner isn’t the only thing a good education brings, it also brings about analytical thinking, creative problem solving and familiarity with the different cultures of the world.

The Philippines’ educational system provides those and more; striking a healthy balance of technical knowledge and creativity – all mostly taught in English. With roughly around 400,000 Philippine students graduating every year from their respective educational institutions, you’re guaranteed a strong and capable workforce.

Service-Oriented Culture

Considering this is customer support you’re trying to outsource, it’s crucial to have a 100% customer satisfaction mindset. After all, customer retention (and even customer acquisition) largely depends on how well you deal with your existing clients. So it’s important that you treat them extra well.

What makes the Philippines a great option? Simple. The Philippine people are known for their hospitality and service of others. They’re excruciatingly hospitable to visitors (both local and foreign) to a fault. This kind of culture topped with an educational system that supports BPO skills training makes the Philippines a top candidate for outsourcing customer support to.

World-Class Choice

Considering that the Philippines has been a major player in the outsourcing industry, companies in the region have made it a point to be globally competitive. With new strategies and tactics for better customer service and better output being thought about every day, these Philippines-based companies have earned their spot of being a major player.

Whether it’s outsourcing customer support or any other business process, you can rest easy knowing that if you outsource to the Philippines, there’s a high possibility that your productivity goals are met in excellence. In terms of culture, communication and competence the Philippines is the best option for you in terms of outsourcing customer support.

What do you think? Do you have any outsourced customer support stories? What opinions and thoughts do you have about outsourcing in general? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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