Team Staffing Solution

How to Use Team Staffing Solutions Properly

Building a new team can become a daunting task for a business owner. Thankfully, outsourcing companies now offer team staffing solutions.

What are Team Staffing Solutions?

Simply put, team staffing solutions are the answer to a company’s staff augmentation problems. A business owner may want to make a new team for sales and marketing from scratch, but he/she might have no idea where to start. Team staffing solutions can be a good answer.

Outsourcing companies can do all of the soul searching and background checks for the team that a client wants. For instance, the sales and marketing team members can be handpicked from the talent pool both locally and internationally. After they are checked thoroughly and meticulously, they are then added to the team that will be pitched to the client.

Common Teams to Outsource

Marketing and Sales – Both can be separate teams in their own rights, but they are almost always put together in the same thing. Marketing works their wonders in pulling potential customers while salespersons finish the job. A software development company might be good at developing their product, but they still need to sell the goods. This is where the marketing and sales team comes in. Clients can use an outsourcing company’s team staffing solutions to form a team of marketing and sales experts.

IT Services  – While clients can outsource individual IT services, they can get a team of developers through outsourcing companies. They may be tasked to to a special project using a different language and platform that the core team has no knowledge about. In such cases, it is acceptable to outsource a whole team to cover the gap in the skillset. Some may also use team staffing solutions if they want to take on a larger project with the core team members. Some services commonly outsourced in the IT industry are Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Desktop Software Development, Android App Development, iOS App Development, and more.

Back Office and Admin – No office would survive without back office and administrative services. These are essential in keeping the company afloat. Team staffing solutions can provide people for admin tasks, human resources, accounting, and even data processing tasks. Some clients want a separate team for the back office tasks as to avoid any conflict of interest with the core team members.

Rules When Using Team Staffing

1 Know the Budget

Clients should always keep their budget in mind when making use of team staffing solutions through outsourcing companies. If they consider the budget, they will be able to plan ahead how many people they will be able to outsource. It also helps that the client won’t be going overboard with their costs so what there would not be any problems with the charges and payments later on.

2 Research

Before going out and searching for outsourcing companies, the client should know first what they need for their teams. They should at least determine what skills are needed for their project’s requirements. This way, it will be easier to negotiate and discuss with the outsourcing company regarding the team staffing solutions. If they do not have enough knowledge about, say, IT services, it would be better to consult with the outsourcing company first. Without proper research, the client may not get what they want or need in the first place.

3 Choose Wisely

There are thousands of outsourcing companies out there and everyone claims that they provide the best staffing solutions. However, it may not be the case. Some just want to get more customers to reel in money without providing quality service at all. Clients and business owners should be able to also do their own research for outsourcing companies. There can be some telltale signs that a company is not actually worth it.

For instance, they may not have a working website. Portfolios and testimonials should also be present. As much as possible, clients should ask their colleagues where they outsource as they will have anecdotal evidence as to what a company provides.

4 Communicate

After choosing an outsourcing company to provide the team staffing solution, the client should communicate what they need. The outsourcing company can then help in whatever way they can to ensure that the client will be getting the team that they need for their business.

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