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4 Key Points of Staff Augmentation You Need To Know

In case you need to know, Staff Augmentation is essentially an outsourcing strategy that requires a business owner to analyse already existing staff and determine what other skills need to be added in order to fulfill a certain objective. More often than not, this leads to the business owners eventually getting in touch with outsourcing services and perhaps maybe even freelance workers.

It’s a bit different with Flexisource IT, however, due to the fact that we don’t just provide these people for you. We guarantee that we deliver whatever it is you need, whenever you need it. That said, here are 4 key points you need to know regarding OUR Staff Augmentation services.

Low-Cost without Compromising Quality

Numbers don’t lie: outsourcing through staff augmentation is definitely more low-cost than it is to hire in-house staff. But a major belief system when it comes to outsourcing in general is that you get what you pay for. For cheap services, you get relatively little quality output.

There are cases of outsourcing disasters that have lead to the downfalls of many a business. This explains why inhibitions about outsourcing of offshore staff augmentation exist and why so many companies, despite being shown proof that these solutions work, prompt to just spend more and have in-house staff.

Staff Augmentation

While we don’t deny the existence of these outsourcing nightmares, we’re aware of HOW and WHY they happen and how to completely avoid them. Through industry experience and being aware of the landscape, we don’t only prevent these disasters, we deliver in excellence.

With us, you don’t run the risk of getting sub-par deliverables. We don’t only filter and repeatedly screen applicants, we make sure to train them in our culture of delivering quality excellence.

It Does The Headhunting for You

Speaking of filtering and screening applicants, part of the cost of looking for in-house employees goes to just search for worthy applicants that may or may not even show interest in the job offer. More often than not, some of the applicants don’t even pay attention to said job offer at all, depending on the company’s reputation and reach.

People Finding - Staff Augmentation

Flexisource IT resolves this by having a pool of well-trained, highly-skilled professionals ready to deliver whatever it is a business needs. If the current pool doesn’t meet the business’ requirements, however, we make it a point to find this person and bring him/her into our team.

No different from Having In-House Staff

In terms of management and getting feedback regarding deliverable items, there’s really not much of difference other than the person you’ve employed potentially lives a thousand miles away. For someone who doesn’t know the industry’s landscape, it might seem like a bad idea entrusting crucial production to people they can’t see or get in touch with. But that’s not the case with us because whenever you try to reach us, we’ll definitely respond in a punctual manner.

Ideally, the perfect setup for a staff augmentation arrangement is this: that the professional you’re working with is right beside you desk.

Such an arrangement is precisely the kind of experience we deliver. As an added bonus, when you work with us, we include a project manager that will help in coordinating tasks and outputs both to you and the offshore dedicated team.

Adaptable Flexibility and Uninterrupted Delivery

We’re masters of many project management methodologies and strategies, so if there’s anything you need done in a tight timeline, we’ll definitely manage. If you have your own system of managing projects and staff, we’ll definitely adapt and make sure that our team can accommodate whatever it is that you need. So long as it gets the job done according to your satisfaction.

Offshore Dedicated Team

As an added bonus, we have the capacity to send your offshore dedicated staff to your place of work for planning, training and new project kickoffs. This ensures that no matter how large-scale a project or a task is, they’re ready to handle it with their firsthand knowledge, thus ensuring seamless and uninterrupted delivery.

Staff Augmentation

That about wraps it up for the 4 key points you ought to know about Staff Augmentation. If you have questions or are interested in our services, send us a message or give us a call.

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