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How to Handle Your Outsourced Call Centre Better in 3 Ways

Outsourced call centres are undeniably cost-effective instead of having to hire several in-house agents. Not only do they save on space, but also for energy costs.

Managing an outsourced call centre team is usually easier than an in-house one. However, it does have its challenges such as transparency and face-to-face contact with the agents themselves. Ironically, it’s a small price to pay considering the costs that it actually saves for a company or a small business.

1 Communicate Properly

Communication is a two-way street and that is true for all occassions. Even before agreeing to the outsourcing of call centre agents, one thing that can make the difference is making the demands clear on the contract.

Key performance indicators and goals should be clearly stated and communicated prior to signing agreements and contracts. Those will be the basis of determining whether they are indeed effective.

Even during interviewing the outsourced call centre agents, rules and demand should be crystal clear. This is to know whether the outsourced help can also deliver or if the goals are both aligned. It will also give them a sense of where the company or business wants to head to in terms of direction and goals.

Coordinate with team leaders to know the status of projects and to get answers to possible questions that you may have. A good team lead will directly communicate with you regarding any concerns or issues that may arise. It is also helpful to provide constructive feedback to make sure that all projects are going where they should be.

Praises should also be given to outsourced call centre teams that deliver results. Even if they are not physically near, it will give them a huge boost to morale and incentive to keep working well.

Listen to any concerns and issues from the teams as well. This ensures that everyone will be working at 100 percent capacity without any bottleneck whatsoever. Letting the team know that they are listened to will make them feel that they are valued as members too.

2 Monitor and Analyze

Simply outsourcing a call centre team for your business will not be enough to make sure that everything will run smoothly as possible. It should be worth noting that their performance will also depend on how they are directed.

Direction is better if you know what needs to be done. Monitoring and analyzing the performance of the outsourced team will let you know what is working and what is not.

Since you’ve already set clear goals and performance indicators, it’s now time to make sure that they are being met. Reports can come daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly. Check whether which agents are doing well or poorly so that they can be adjusted accordingly.

You’ll also be able to prirotize projects that need more calls by knowing which ones need more manpower and which ones can stand to lose one or two agents. This way, you’ll be able to direct agents properly to where they can excel.

If there is something that isn’t being met, you can bring it up with the team lead to check on what’s going on. They can provide additional training or guidance as to keep up with the demand and load.

Analyzing the performance of the outsourced call centre also gives you a detailed look at how it can exactly bring you more income in the long run. You will be able to make more informed decisions since you will have more data to work on. Information is power.

3 Always Have Back Up Plans

There should always be contingency plans if there are unforeseen problems that suddenly arise. Training outsourced call centre agents to address specific scenarios will grant you the peace of mind that they will be able to handle such cases even if you are not physically present with them.

Sudden spikes of customer loads are also often expected if there are breaking news that may concern your project. Outsourced call centre teams should be able to handle it without compromising quality if they are properly trained for the situations.

Managing is Learning

Managing the call centre agents even if they are outsourced will give you a learning experience as well. Use this knowledge to further enhance your skills at management.

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