Outsourced IT Support

3 Important Factors Regarding Outsourced IT Support

Companies across the world each have their respective IT requirements that need to be addressed and, while it might seem to make sense to get in-house help, that’s not necessarily the case. Trying to find the right person (or team) that can meet these diverse needs usually ends up with companies outsourcing instead and with good reason.

Without a doubt, outsourced IT support is a common solution for companies looking to save up on cost and finding efficient manpower. It’s been proven to be a cost-effective and practical solution to finding staff that are trained to handle any or all kinds of IT issues. Essentially, if you’re looking for a specific person or role to handle a specific requirement, it definitely makes more sense to outsource instead of hiring in-house.

But how do you know if you’ve found the right outsourcer? How do you know if you need to outsource at all? How do you know which requirements are best outsourced and which ones are most likely going to be best handled by your current staff? Like any other business decision, finding the right outsourcer (and determining what to outsource) is crucial for your company’s success. Listed below are a few points to consider before you start outsourcing IT Support.

Your IT Support Requirements

It’s a must to know what exactly you need from and for your IT support department. Is it a level 1-2 helpdesk technician? Or are you looking for someone who’s more geared into fulfilling a leadership role? Once you’ve determined what exactly you need, cross-reference it with what you provider is able to give you.

This generally helps in scoping and finding out what works best for you and the outsourcer in general. It also helps you determine if you really need to outsource at all. At the end of the day, establishing a clear and precise picture of what you need would help you find a more cost-effective and efficient IT support solution.

Provider’s Track Record and Reputation

Next is to consider your provider’s track record and online (and offline) reputation. This is essential if you want to have operations running smoothly and so you’re confident that you’re not wasting your money for something of relatively lesser value.

Do your homework: 1) Ask your peers for recommended providers or feedback they have for these providers 2) ask for client references and 3) look at what people and other companies in your industry say about the outsourcer you’ve decided is your best pick. It’s best to be safe than sorry when it comes to outsourcing your IT support needs.

The Provider’s Work ethic and Culture

Knowing your provider’s culture is vital if you want to have a harmonious working relationship with them. Are they a no-nonsense kind of people who work more than their intended hours? Or are they naturally fun-loving but are professional nonetheless? Are they an analytical kind of people? Or are they service-oriented?

Compare their work ethic and culture with your company’s, and see if there are any gaps that can be fixed or overcome. What kind of service and correspondence do you usually deal well with? Do your values clash with theirs? How would you deal with it? Take note of these gaps and find out how it would affect the results that they bring. It’s crucial that these two factors meet (or compromise) if you want to have a productive relationship with your outsourced IT support provider.

When looking for IT support (or any other venture in general), it definitely makes more sense to outsource because of it being a more low-cost, low-maintenance solution AND because of a wider range of skills that can definitely fulfill some of your business requirements.

Do you outsource your IT support? Do you outsource any of your business requirements at all? What’s your experience when it comes to outsourced IT support? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on outsourced IT support and outsourcing in general in the comments section!

If you’re looking for a reliable staff augmentation and/or outsourcing provider that’s credible and reliable, we’d be more than happy to support you. Just send us a message or give us a call and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can!

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