3 Reasons Why Customer Service Quality Can Make or Break Your Business

Having a reliable customer service quality assurance system ensures that your support team can deliver quality assistance to your clients’ most valuable customers. They do more than just correct agents’ grammar or intonation when in calls — they make sure that whatever it is the agents do would result in an objectively good or fair customer experience.

But how exactly does a competitive Customer Service Quality assurance system determine the fate of your company or business’ success? The answer isn’t as surprising as you would think. Here are 3 reasons why:

Good Customer Experience is Reflective of Your Company Culture

Your Quality Assurance team makes sure that your customer support follows standards of the industry and makes sure that every time an agent communicates with a client, it results in a good experience. Usually, too, the way they communicate with the customer

That said, it’s safe to say that if your quality assurance fails to properly assess and correct your agents, it could mean bad experiences for your company and the culture it’s trying to create. What would that say about your company in the long run?

There’s also a ton of cases being reported in social media about bad customer experience and this usually ends up with companies having to spend tons of resources in managing these reputation crises. All this because of a bad quality assurance team that failed to manage and correct customer support agents.

So how do you avoid this? Get a Quality Assurance team that’s vigilant enough to notice small mistakes, praise good performance and, ultimately, is able to help agents embody the company culture you want to have.

Customer Retention is Cheaper Than Acquisition

According to a study, getting a new customer is five times more expensive than keeping an existing one. So it makes economical sense to put a major amount of effort in retaining your customers rather than spending a lot on getting new ones.

Consider this fact whenever you get an offshore support team. One small mistake or careless miscommunication of details can definitely ruin a long, exiting relationship with your clients. What would that mean? Large amounts of resources lost to leads that may or may not convert.  Even if they were converted, think of the amount of resources you’d have to spend when building that relationship with them.

This is precisely the reason why it’s important to have a competent quality assurance team that monitors calls or communication with clients, to avoid losing your most values customers.

What do you do to avoid losing your most valued customers? Have a quality support team that establishes how important a customer is and the significance of the agents role in keeping this relationship the company has with them.

Customer Experience helps You Attract More Customers

Here’s another fact that should persuade you to invest in a competent quality assurance team: Customers that are referred by other customers usually have 16% higher lifetime value. This is done by providing a memorable customer experience for your clients and such is usually achieved by having a quality assurance team that’s well-trained and on point when it comes to providing good customer experience.

In another light, while bad customer experience gets a ton of coverage in social media, good customer experience doesn’t really get as much attention. But when they do, it usually means good and free publicity for the company involved. This results in potentially getting more new customers without being five times more expensive.

So how do you establish this? Get a customer support quality assurance team that emphasizes how important customer experience is and how valuable the customers are to the company. You can go wrong with providing good customer service, it’s a relatively cheap way of getting more customers and keeping loyal ones.

These 3 key points prove that you require a team of highly-skilled, well-trained quality assurance agents if you want your business to succeed. We at Flexisource IT provide on-point customer service quality assurance that surpasses industry standards and is almost always guaranteed to provide a pleasant customer experience.

What other reasons do you have? What’s your experience with customer support quality? How would you describe your ideal customer experience? Share your stories and opinions in the comments below!

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