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3 Tips to Outsource Graphic Design Properly in 2018

Outsourcing graphic design is one emerging trend for businesses that want to boost their marketing collaterals. Not everyone can afford a graphic designer which is why outsourcing is a good solution.

Why Graphic Design?

While everybody else is busy developing apps and discovering new technology, there still remains a dire need for graphic design. Apps still need to be pleasant to the user’s eye. Products still need to be attractive for them to be sold to the market.

None of the marketing and advertising collaterals can be made possible without graphic designers. Even the user interface of apps that we use everyday have been touched by graphic designers, which makes them a crucial part in the product development process.

Fortunately, there are ways to outsource graphic design and maximize their outputs. However, clients must first know the advantages of outsourcing graphic design.

Saves A Lot of Time

Graphic design is not an instant process. There are certain steps that need to be taken before the final output is delivered. There needs to be a clear plan first before executing the design. Some designers even draw drafts or studies of the design before they try to flesh it out in the digital channel. It is time-consuming.

Outsourcing graphic design tasks will free up the client from all of the designing responsibilities. Those hours can just be poured onto more critical tasks or to take a rest from all of the work done.

Provides Expertise and Experience

Graphic design is not for everyone. It takes both skill and talent to pull it off. Creating designs is no joke and requires utter patience and creativity combined together.

Not all clients will be able to design their own materials and such. For them, the solution is to hire a graphic designer or to just outsource the task altogether.

Clients that try to do it on their own may not actually deliver the results that they want in the first place. It is better to leave the design to the experts to avoid wasting resources and time.

Saves A Lot of Money

Outsourcing is one of the cheapest ways to get tasks done without having to spend a lot of money. Graphic design outsourcing is not an exception. It will be cheaper for a client to outsource the graphic design responsibilities instead of having to find someone to hire directly.

How Can Clients Outsource Graphic Design Properly?

Outsourcing graphic design is a simple task, but it can quickly turn to a mess without proper preparation and research. What do clients need to do?

1 Determine the Needs

Before going out and looking for a graphic designer, the client must first identify what they need to be done. Do they need 10 different posters or do they need just one but with many variants?

Some of the questions can be answered internally through their own teams. The deliverables can then just be discussed once the graphic designer comes in. This allows the client to determine what they need in order to set a budget for the outsourced service.

Without properly thinking or planning of what the client needs, they may stand to lose more money instead of saving them due to unnecessary additions and whatnot. Internal research and planning is needed.

2 Look for Portfolios

Graphic designers that want to get clients need to show their portfolios. Even if the client is just outsourcing them, they still have the right to see what the designer can do. This is also true even if the client will approach an outsourcing company for the service.

Looking at portfolios will give the client an idea if the designer can do what they have envisioned in their minds. A graphic designer without a portfolio may not be trustworthy at all and may just be out to get all the money that they can grab from prospective clients.

There are also designers that have different disciplines and styles. Clients may also want to look out for compatibility issues.

3 Negotiate

Negotiating for the cost is still in the client’s best interest. Throwing all the money onto the outsourced graphic designer still does not guarantee that they will deliver an excellent result.

The price or cost should be equivalent to the service of the graphic designer. Talent is one big factor in the pricing and it is also another reason why the client will need to look at their portfolios.

Clients should negotiate for a fair cost for both of the parties.

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