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3 Common Staffing Solutions Misconceptions

Staff Augmentation brings droves of benefits for businesses in terms of cost, flexibility and quality. Without a doubt, this particular solution has led to not only lesser costs for companies, but also relative business success as well considering the quality of services they get in such a short amount of time.

Training in-house employees takes a lot of resources after all, and having a readily available staff to meet your business needs in such a short amount of time can be near impossible (having to train them on your company culture and/or company products/services doesn’t exactly make them ready to deploy as soon as possible). Having a readily available and SKILLED staff with a culture that can jive with your company’s and at a relatively cheaper cost may sound like a dream, but it’s what staff augmentation can offer.

Given that premise, it’s hard to imagine why some companies still have a lot of doubts and inhibitions with regards to staff augmentation. This is usually brought about by three misconceptions that not only dismiss staff augmentation as a prolific venture but also promotes it as harmful to your business. Here are those three misconceptions and how they’re disproved.


This is obviously a misconception considering the amount of money you’ll be saving in terms of operational and individual cost. Financially speaking, staff augmentation and outsourcing can give help you save at least 60% in terms of fixed cost if you do it right.

Therein lies the challenge however considering that most companies have little experience in dealing with and discerning necessary costs. Some outsourcing companies would take advantage of this inexperience to milk the client off his resources through hidden costs and charges.

It’s also worth nothing to look for companies that openly discuss costs. Knowing what you’re paying for and why you’re paying for is essential to have a good experience with outsourcing companies.


That said, just because it’s cheap and/or low cost doesn’t mean they offer low-quality services. Of all the misconceptions that abound regarding outsourcing and staff augmentation, the most prominent one lies in the quality of its deliverables.

Despite all the statistical data and testimonials that prove the boon that staff augmentation brings, the misconception that quality will always be undermined never goes away. Considering the amount of outsourcing nightmares that have risen from bad companies, there’s a good reason why it still exists.

That’s definitely not always the case though considering the amount of staff augmentation and outsourcing success stories that exist. At the end of the day, it all boils down to being able to spot the not and the reliable companies that provide low-cost services that don’t cut down on quality.

Do research on certain companies, ask colleagues and business partners about reliable service providers and look them up on the Internet. Doing your homework on which ones provide quality work is the best and only way to ensure that your business is safe from outsourcing nightmares.


Some companies already have an in-house dedicated team that exclusively does production and development. Unavoidably, this said team would come across problems and snags that would ultimately hinder production until such time that a viable solution is found. More often than not, this solution is found in a subject-matter expert or a job candidate with a skill set that specifically deals with said problem.

Considering the company’s desire to save on resources, they resort to the one thing that makes sense: staff augmentation. At the end of the day, they just end up spending more considering the amount of time spent hiring and orienting the person. The solution lies in finding the right kind of solutions provider that not only offers the right affordable rates but also stellar company.

Whether it’s a misconception born out of fear or just plain misinformation, knowing what’s what about staff augmentation can help spell the difference between business success and business frustration. What are your thoughts on staff augmentation? What other myths do you know about? Do you believe them? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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